About us

Our leadership

Founded in Copenhagen in 1979, Harklinikken remains true to its Danish roots. Our heritage embraces an appreciation of nature and the products derived from nature made without color, perfume, silicone, petrochemicals and problematic preservatives. The quality of Harklinikken products has created an internationally recognized standard of beauty and health for hair and scalp products.

Lars Skjoth, Harklinikken founder and head of research and development, made a discovery in 1994 that makes it possible today for us to effectively treat hereditary hair loss in both women and men in a way that is customized to each client's needs. 

During the past 23 years, he has personally seen 70,000 clients experiencing thinning hair on three continents. These clients represented all ages and ethnicities including: African American, Asian, Arabic, Caucasian and Hispanic. Together with Harklinikken Medical Director Dr. Panos Vasiloudes, Lars continues to see clients in our clinicslearning from their experiences, studying their results and seeking further knowledge to enhance results. Lars personally teaches the latest science to the growing number of hair consultants that are joining Harklinikken all over the world.

Medical Director Panos Vasiloudes, M.D., Ph.D., joined Lars Skjoth in bringing Harklinikken to the American market because he saw a need for a more effective hair loss treatment for his patients. Dr. Vasiloudes is triple board certified, is licensed to practice medicine in four countries, and operates 11 dermatology clinics worldwide. He is joined by a staff that supports clients one on one. Learn more about Dr. Vasiloudes' full credentials.

Your first experience with Harklinikken will be an assessment with our team. We welcome the chance to meet you.