How it works

Harklinikken Extract: The core of our treatment

The Harklinikken hair treatment program is based on a nutrient-rich proprietary custom Extract, which contains amino acid complexes, minerals and fatty acids.

We’re committed to providing a safe, effective and individualized treatment and to developing new products that enhance our clients’ lives. Equally important, we’re committed to working only with people who are good candidates for treatment. Should you be selected, you’ll commit to daily application to ensure good results.

Your daily routine is a simple, two-step process: 

1. Application of a customized Extract

2. Shampoo and styling with special Harklinikken products

Before starting the assessment, consider whether or not you'll be able to adhere to the daily routine. Harklinikken clients must adhere to their recommended treatment regime to experience and maintain their results.


The science of hair loss

50% of Americans will suffer some level of hair loss by age 50, and every year, they spend billions seeking help. Unfortunately, the vast majority of products marketed for hair loss in the US are ineffective.

Hair loss is not just a men’s issue. Men and women lose their hair for many of the same reasons, though in different ways.

Two common reasons for hair loss are:

  1. Androgenetic hair loss
    Male and female pattern baldness, also called hereditary or genetic hair loss, occurs in both men and women as a result of hereditary and hormonal factors.

  2. Physiological hair loss
    Stress, lifestyle, nutrition, environmental factors, hair styling and hair styling products can all result in hair thinning and hair loss in men and women.

The Harklinikken hair regrowth treatment, based on a customized Extract, has been proven effective in both androgenetic and physiological hair loss treatment. Scientific results of actual patients demonstrate measurable hair density improvement over the course of treatment.

Typical client results exceed 30% improvement in hair mass (combination of regrowing hair and improving existing hair quality), with many realizing 50-70% more hair. Clinical and microscopic studies show improvement in both:

  • Quality: the texture and thickness of hair
  • Quantity: the number of active hair follicles


Clients’ images and results show noticeable improvement, and microscopic measurements confirm it. All client results shared are real, unaltered, and freely shared. No one has been paid for the use of their picture or story.