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The Harklinikken hair regrowth treatment is a customized treatment for hair loss in men and women.

The Harklinikken Extract for treating hair loss has been developed in Denmark over the past 23 years by scientist Lars Skjoth. The Extract is made with proprietary ingredients and contains no color, perfume, petrochemicals or problematic preservatives like parabens.

Does it work? Hear from our clients.

We have worked with thousands of men and women suffering hair loss due to heredity, stress, hormone changes, and environmental factors. We’ve said no to thousands more whose conditions are not likely to respond well to hair loss treatment. Harklinikken promises this: We accept only clients who we believe will see the results they’re seeking, based on scientific findings and past results.

Our process requires an assessment, which includes:

If you are accepted as a client, you’ll be able to order your treatment necessities online and check in with our clinical staff from the privacy of your home.

Consultation fees are $49 if you start treatment and $29 for follow-up consultations. 

Your daily routine will include the application of a personalized Extract, followed by washing with a Harklinikken shampoo and the use of other hair care products designed especially for the treatment of thinning hair. It takes a while to see results. Most clients begin to notice a visible change in hair density in 4-6 months, but some notice it as early as 1-2 months. Daily commitment is key to these results.

*Note: Harklinikken clients must comply with recommended use of the products to produce and maintain their results.