A time to be thankful – celebrating the little victories in hair regrowth

By Jennifer Roman, on Nov 27, 2015


This time of year allows us to reflect on the things we are thankful for and appreciate the things we tend to take for granted.

It is easy to take healthy, beautiful hair for granted when you have it, but for those concerned with hair loss can feel stressed, anxious, and self-conscious. When they successfully regrow their hair, they understand the importance of the little victories. From the time the first new hairs are noticed, to not having to worry about covering bald spots, all the way to being proud and confident with a new head of hair, these are the special moments many of our clients are most thankful for.

Little things often get taken for granted, but little things are what benefit our hair and scalp the most. Working the following tips into your daily routine can help you better take care of yourself:

Ways to maintain your healthy hair

  • Use products that support hair/scalp health
  • Don’t pull your hair back too tightly, especially if it’s wet
  • Cover up and protect your hair from the cold weather and harsher elements
  • Don’t over-brush your hair, using a wide-tooth comb is much gentler
  • Trim your hair often, this keeps breakage from moving up the shaft and causing further damage
  • Be generous with conditioner, dry hair breaks easily
  • Use a humidifier in your house, the added moisture will help your hair and skin

At our clinics, we understand the importance of small moments. Our clients constantly remind us why we have dedicated ourselves hair regrowth research and treatment. We are always thankful for an opportunity to help someone regrow their hair.

5 things Harklinikken clients are thankful for:

In their own words, our clients told us the little victories they are thankful for this season…

  • “The confidence it’s brought back to myself, is, I can’t even explain it…” – Frank
  • “I can be myself around other people and enjoy life and not worry about how my hair looks. So, I’m just extremely grateful that I found the treatment…” – Courtney
  • “Now I am 26 and have Harklinikken to thank for getting my hair back and giving me a sense of freedom.” – Louise
  • “I’m very excited to actually have a better head of hair now in my 50s than I had in my late 20s.” – Judi
  • “I can’t recall my hair being so manageable and just so full of life and health…” – Sharon

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