Inside Harklinikken: Meet the Tampa team

By Aimee Schenck, on Jan 12, 2016


The Harklinikken history, culture, and philosophy is employed in the work we do every day. In each of our clinics, we have developed teams that possess the same values as the organization. Every member of the Harklinikken team understands that each client is an individual and unique case. Since the foundation of Harklinikken, the organization has taken pride in its work and truly believes in helping people. Every member of the staff upholds those beliefs.

The team in our Tampa clinic is comprised of several individuals who have years of experience working in client services or clinical settings. Each of them makes our team stronger and benefits our clients’ experiences with their expertise.

Meet our Tampa team:

Jennifer Roman, Client Service Manager

Jennifer works one-on-one with clients, both in the clinic and online, answering questions and concerns. She helps them understand the process, working it into their daily routine, talking with them when they see some shedding as new hair growth pushes through.

“I look for people who can connect online and listen. Our clients need and deserve people who are willing to spend the time to answer questions.”

Kristy Blackburn, Clinic Manager

As one of our lead Hair Specialists, Kristy loves that the team truly focuses on the client to give them an honest and realistic assessment. She also enjoys being able to learn about the scientific components and nutrition aspects that can play a factor into hair loss. Her critical thinking and innovation skills make her a great team member to turn to.

“Being able to focus on each person individually is beneficial because one size does not fit all and making the client our top priority enhances their overall experience.”

Stephanie Bianco, Hair Specialist

Stephanie’s values strongly align with Harklinikken’s. She believes that no job is too small or too large. Whether it be the details of mixing and packaging your extract or listening to some of the hair challenges you share with us in a consult she believes in doing her best with everything she does.

“At Harklinikken I can go home at the end of the day and feel proud that we make a positive impact in people’s lives.”

Lynette Camano, Client Care Specialist Supervisor

Lynette has experience in clinical settings and understands the impact of quality client care. Lynette’s experience helps her provide the direction and instruction needed in our client care services.

“The look on our clients’ faces when they begin to see their own transformation is always an exciting feeling. I feel honored to be a part of such a pivotal moment in our clients’ lives.”

Wanda Bustamante, Client Care Specialist

Wanda’s positive attitude and outlook help her build a rapport with clients. With a passion for helping people and strong relationship building skills, Wanda makes a great addition to the Harklinikken team.

“I’ve already learned so much. What I really enjoy the most is talking to people and being able to help them.”

Angela Barton, Client Care Specialist

Angela’s work as a Personal Trainer has given her insight to how deeply appearance and health impact a person’s life. She is able to translate those experiences into usable skills for working with the clients she meets through Harklinikken.

“I look forward to coming into work every day, knowing I have the possibility to help people all around the world by spreading the word of how effective our treatment really is.”

Marjiori Andrews, Client Care Specialist

Throughout her career, Marjiori has always fully committed herself to her clients’ satisfaction. As part of our team, she ensures our clients are getting the most out of their Harklinikken experience. Marjiori appreciates Harklinikken’s dedication to providing a unique customer service experience.

“Harklinikken is dedicated to providing a unique customer service experience and highest product quality.”