Making a breakthrough – quantifying hair regrowth with Follysis

By Aimee Schenck, on Oct 30, 2015


How do we document results? We do this with our new imaging technology that automatically measures the improvement in hair amount and hair density.

Harklinikken is proud to introduce Follysis, an advanced imaging technology used to measure hair density. We are the first hair loss treatment company to analyze results in this way, because of our confidence in the effectiveness of our proprietary customized Extract treatment.

We’ve shared our proven track record through high resolution before and after photos, but now we can analyze hair loss and regrowth in much more detail. For selected clients, this means we can monitor their progress throughout treatment more closely – providing each individual with the care they need for the best possible results.

One of our clients, an MD, tried numerous treatments prior to the Harklinikken Extract treatment with no effect. In just 6 months of treatment she has seen great improvement.


How are we using Follysis?


The Follysis software development team, led by Dr. George Zontos, Medical Director in the Copenhagen clinic, has been working with a team from the University of Patrasin Greece since 2010 on the production of the Follysis technology.

Right now, we are using this technology to document results of our hair regrowth Extract in the clinic, and to document our research in the lab. The Follysis technology documents and computes the exact increase in hairs and hair quality per square centimeter. Follysis is enabling us to be 100% precise in the documentation of hair improvement results, which no other product or treatment can offer.

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