Meet Shaima

By Jennifer Roman, on Dec 21, 2015


Thinning hair had been a noticeable trend in Shaima’s family, so she didn’t think much of it when she began to see a change herself. She had always heard that her hair was dry and thin, but rarely received complements. It was easy for Shaima to forget what it was like to have a good hair day. That all changed when she discovered Harklinikken hair treatment. Now, she tells us, every day is a good hair day.

Shaima came to the clinic and began her treatment about 2 years ago. Within four months she was seeing a difference in her hair. Along with treatment products, Shaima was provided with specific nutritional advice and hair care information that would help her maintain her new healthy hair. Since learning this information, she now embraces her natural curls and allows her hair to air dry instead of using a blow dryer. Shaima makes the commitment to maintaining the Harklinikken treatment because she sees the results she always dreamt of having.

“My hair is an extension of who I am,” Shaima answered when asked about the importance of our hair. In her opinion, it can also help us express how we feel; it becomes a part of our mannerisms and actions. “Hair is part of your beauty, it’s part of your femininity.” After falling back in love with her hair, Shaima has realized how special and significant hair is as a representation of ourselves. Shaima further explains her experience with Harklinikken and how it has changed her:

Shaima’s confidence has been restored with her new hair; she’s a frequent Instagram user and has established her own YouTube video channel to inspire others.

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