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    Straight hair versus curls is very unlike when it comes to construction and texture. And even curly hair differs a lot, seeing that you can have tight and small curls or more loose and wavy hair. Different hair types have different needs, and with Harklinikken, you can get to know your hair much better.  


    What determines your hair type? 

    Overall, there are four hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Often, people want the hair type that they do not have, but specific factors determine what kind of structure your hair has.  

    Your hair's curl pattern primarily decides your hair type. And your hair follicles determine the amount of curl in your hair, as their shape determines whether your hair is straight or curly. If your follicles are oval-shaped or asymmetrical, your hair will be curly.  

    Hair types are based on genetics which means that when your hair grows, the characteristics of your locks are reasserted. You can change your hair momentarily by using a flat or curling iron or getting a perm where the hairdresser uses chemicals to change your hair texture. However, both methods can be damaging to your hair in the long run, and your hair will always go back to its natural structure eventually.  

    Your hair color can determine your hair's structure 

    The amount of melanin in your hair strands dictates what hair color you have. Melanin is a type of pigment which can be divided into two categories: Eumelanin and pheomelanin. If your hair has a higher level of eumelanin, your hair will become darker, whereas a high level of pheomelanin will make your hair light or red.  

    Different traits are generally applicable to different hair colors. For example, humans usually have around 90,000 to 150,000 hair strands, and whether you belong in the lower or higher part of that spectrum can be predicted just by looking at your hair color. Blonds are said to have a high amount of hair strands. Brunettes come second, people with black hair come third, and those with the fewest hair strands are predominantly redheads.  

    Additionally, people with red hair are said to have quite fine hair, and blonde hair strands are usually thinner than brown hair strands. However, these are general characteristics, and they do not necessarily apply to your hair. Ultimately, you inherit your hair's structure and color from your parents, as your genetics are a product of the genes passed down to you.   


    How to treat your curls right 

    Curls and straight hair strands are very dissimilar. As mentioned, curly hair has oval follicles, whereas you get straight hair if you have rounder hair fibers. And whereas straight locks tend to become oily, curls need a lot of moisture. This means that the different hair types require different care and nourishment. 

    If you wish to make the most of your curls, it is essential to ensure that your shampoo and conditioner provide your hair with enough moisture and nourishment. This is important for all hair types, but it is especially important if you have curly or coily hair.  

     When you use Harklinikken's Daily Conditioner, you can make sure that your curly hair is sufficiently hydrated and that it will leave your hair untangled and wonderfully lustrous.   

    You may also brush your hair in the shower before rinsing out your conditioner. By carefully detangling your hair with the formula in your hair, you can avoid breaking the strands. And if you use a suitable comb instead of a brush, you will also create less frizz in your hair. 


    Choose the right products for your hair type 

    You can highlight your hair's qualities with the right styling products. Some products emphasize and define your tight curls, while other styling products can bring out your hair's natural waves. Harklinikken's Styling Wax is one of those products. The formula hydrates, protects and heals your hair while highlighting your natural curls. The wax also gives a beautiful shine and soft hold. 

    For straight hair, you can use volumizing products that provide texture to your hair. That way, you can give your locks more shape and character. Our Styling Spray will help you do that while also taming frizzy strands. It can be used as a heating protecting spray as well.  


    Prioritize your hair's health  

    Sometimes, it is natural to want to change up your hair and experiment with different hairstyles. For example, you may want to flatten out your curls once in a while, or you might want to have beautiful wavy hair for one night. However, applying the right styling products is essential when using different heating tools to style your hair. No matter what hair type you have, it is always good to use heat protection.   

    Many traditional styling products can tear your hair, so it is important that you choose products filled with nourishment and care. That is the case when you apply Harklinikken's styling products. Using our Styling Paste or Styling Gel, you can create volume and texture, but you can do so without putting extra strain on your hair. 

    Our products are rich with natural and powerful ingredients such as bamboo, honeysuckle, and marigold, preventing damage and dehydration of your hair strands. Choosing the right hair products is an essential step towards healthier hair.  

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