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    Harklinikken’s Founder and Lead Researcher, Lars Skjoth, has been guiding women and men along their unique hair journeys for 30 years. So, he knows exactly what your hair and scalp need for optimal health and vibrancy. Here he shares his best advice on how to care for your hair and scalp to optimize conditions for hair growth. Expert hair care advice from our Founder and Lead Researcher, Lars Skjoth.  

    Wash your hair more, not less  
    It’s a total myth that washing your hair less is better. Build-up from sebum from the oil glands, dead skin and products can lead to scalp problems and damaged hair. My advice is to wash your hair daily or every other day. Wash as if you were bald, ensuring that you rub your scalp vigorously for a minute or two.  

    Massage while washing  
    A scalp rub is perfect for increasing blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles. You can save time and massage your scalp while washing your hair.   

    Let your scalp breathe  
    Avoid wearing a hat or cap for long periods or when your hair is wet or damp. The locked-in excess moisture and heat make your scalp a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria and fungus.

    Avoid toxic ingredients  
    Perfumes, essential oils, and dyes can cause contact reactions. Try to avoid them. Also, drop all silicones – any ingredients ending in “cone” or “oxane”. These may make your hair look smooth and shiny, but they actually cause build-up on your hair and potentially on your scalp. This can cause scalp irritations and, ultimately, hair loss.  

    Apply your products correctly  
    I always advise that you apply styling products and hair color to your hair, not your scalp. The same goes for conditioner. This should only be applied from your ears to the ends of your hair.  

    Drop the dry shampoo  
    Dry shampoo is the worst thing you can do to your scalp if you’re concerned about hair loss or scalp problems. It’s not even shampoo and doesn’t cleanse your scalp or hair at all — it just gives the illusion of clean hair due to chemicals and powders that can clog the hair follicles and throw off your scalp’s pH balance. Dry shampoo particles bind to hair strands and to the surface of your scalp and the scalp´s sebum – a natural oil that protects your scalp from infection and dryness. This can lead to a build-up of unwanted bacteria or a contact reaction with itching, a burning sensation or inflammation of the scalp. Extensive, continued use can lead to hair loss and hair thinning.    

    Make your home hair friendly  
    The environment you live in can affect your hair. If your home is too hot or too humid, it can create an imbalance in your scalp microbiome. Make sure that you regularly ventilate to keep your hair and scalp healthy.  
    I hope this advice may help you to feel and look your best and that you may enjoy healthy and vibrant hair.  

    Lars Skojth  
    Founder & Lead Researcher, Harklinikken  

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