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DAILY MAIL: Ricki Lake Reveals How Shaving her Head Helped her Find Love

DAILY MAIL: Ricki Lake Reveals How Shaving her Head Helped her Find Love

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January 28, 2021

Ricki Lake shares emotional hair loss story

Ricki Lake has revealed how shaving her head helped her to find love, while freeing her from her secret decades-long battle with hair loss that left her feeling suicidal, as she proudly shows off her newly regrown locks.

The 52-year-old actress made the decision to buzz off all her hair in January last year, a bold move that she shared with the world on Instagram - where she also opened up about her hair loss struggles, which she had kept hidden for decades, while behind-the-scenes, it was slowly destroying her confidence. 

Teamwork: Ricki has now teamed up with Danish haircare brand Harklinikken, the company behind her 'miraculous' hair regrowth 

Say what? 'I'm feeling like I have to pinch myself because I never, ever anticipated that I'd be in the place right now where my hair has grown back,' she said of her journey with Harklinikken

Although she admits that shaving her head was an 'impulsive' decision, Ricki now says she couldn't be happier about doing it - revealing to that the 'freedom' she felt after finally sharing her hair loss story restored her self-confidence and eventually led her to find love with the 'perfect' man.


Transformed: Ricki Lake has revealed her secret to finally achieving natural, healthy hair, one year after shaving her head in the wake of a secret 30-year-long hair loss struggle

What a difference a year makes! Having resigned herself to a life without hair, Ricki admits she still has to pinch herself when she looks in the mirror and sees thick, healthy locks

Freedom: The 52-year-old admits that the decision to shave her head was 'impulsive' but believes the feeling of liberation she got after doing it has helped her to find love again 

'Perfect': Ricki met her new boyfriend Ross over the summer, after bumping into him while out on a 'COVID walk' in Los Angeles, and the two quickly fell head over heels 

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