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    The Must-haves
    $ 147.00
    $ 125.00

    The Must-haves

    4 reviews
    $ 147.00
    $ 125.00

    The Must-haves includes either the Balancing or Stabilizing Scalp Shampoo, our Daily Conditioner and the new Harklinikken Hair Brush. Achieve optimal hair and scalp health, everyday.


    Made from high-quality ingredients
    We care deeply for the well-being of our clients and are dedicated to providing specialist care throughout your hair growth journey with us. Our Scandinavian heritage and great appreciation of nature mean that we are committed to creating effective, safe and high-quality products derived from nature’s raw materials and combined to nourish the hair from the inside out.

    Perfume Free
    Paraben Free
    Petrochemical Free
    Silicone Free


    The Hair Brush:
    Bristles in nylon and natural wild boar
    Handle in ABS

    The Must-haves set includes:

    Balancing Shampoo, 290 ml

    or Stabilizing Scalp Shampoo, 290 ml

    Daily Conditioner, 290 ml

    The Hair Brush

    The Hair Brush

    The Harklinikken Hair Brush enables you to effectively brush your hair and improve its condition at the same time. The brush has nylon and natural, wild boar hair bristles, which stimulate your scalp, protect your hair, lessen frizz and breakage, and give you softer, smoother hair.

    Gentle, yet effective shampoo and hydrating conditioner

    How should I use the products?

    Massage your chosen shampoo into the scalp thoroughly before rinsing. Apply Daily Conditioner to the lengths, leaving it to work for a few minutes or while you shower before rinsing. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to carefully detangle your hair while the conditioner works.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Erlinda A.

    I like the shampoos esp. the conditioner. The brush is ok. My problem is my thinning hair and hoping that they help. For one thing I noticed fewer strands falling out when I shampoo.

    Catherine L.

    I like the products but I don’t think it is helping my thinning hair.

    Valbjörg Þ.
    Frábærar vörur :)

    Hárið verður líflegt og glansandi :)


    Great brush

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