Head Start | A Copenhagen-based clinic known for delivering thicker, healthier hair puts down roots in New York

ON A RECENT MORNING in Manhattan, a genial Danish biochemist is poised above a magnifying lamp, ready to assess my scalp. ...

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The Best of New York Health & Self 2018

The Best of New York Health & Self 2018
Best Hair Thickener in NYC
139 5th Ave, 2nd Floor, NY...

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Vanity Fair

For the Love of Hair: Harklinikken of Denmark

Losing hair may be a dirty little secret to many until it becomes really obvious, but then what? We now have a safe solution......

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Over the Moon

How to Tame Frizzy Hair for a Summer Wedding Like a Pro

In the midst of a natural texture revolution, with women embracing maybe-she’s-born-with-it waves and curls in full force, there’s no shame in seeking a bit of control on your big day....

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NY Times

Is This Treatment the Cure for Hair Loss?

Harklinikken (“hair clinic” in Danish) inspires great loyalty. Four out of five users come as referrals from satisfied customers, said Lars Skjoth, the company’s founder and chief scientist. The results are certainly compelling. ...

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The Products These Top 5 New York Beauty Editors Swear By

With access to the hottest products on the planet, an insight into the latest must-have ingredients, and tricks up their sleeves from years of beauty editing, who better to reveal their all-time favorite products than New York’s most distinguished beauty editors!...

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Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair's Beauty Director's Must-Have Hair Products

Losing hair? Have no fear! Lars Skjoth of Denmark's Harklinikken is here to rescue your hair and your sanity! ...

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3 Ways You've Been Sabotaging Your Hair's Health Without Realizing It

Lars Skjoth divulged three ways you've been sabotaging your hair's growth....

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O Magazine

O Magazine Growth Potential: Hair where it was bare

Elyse describes her experience with Harklinikken’s hair growth system in this Month’s O Magazine....

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This Is the Exact Reason Why Your Hair Hurts

If you’ve ever experienced it, you know what we’re talking about: painful hair. And no, it’s not just your imagination playing tricks—doctors say the ache is a very real condition, with several common causes....

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8 Hair Breakthroughs That Are Changing the Beauty Game

Harklinikken Founder and head scientist Lars Skjoth has been privately treating European royals and high-profile celebrities for hair loss for more than 20 years at his Danish clinic... ...

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Don't Freak Out: Do This If Your Hair Is Thinning

The majority of women will experience some thinning by midlife, putting it right up there with menopause, weight gain, dry skin, and wrinkles. However, while people boldly discuss their unhappiness with these other natural age-related occurrences, thinning hair—especially for women—is spoken about in hushed tones.......

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Town & Country

Reason To Grow

Why the follicularly challenged are flocking to a Copenhagen clinic to preserve their hair without surgery...

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Marie Claire

Through Thick & Thin

Ning Chao suffered from female pattern hair loss for more than 10 years before learning about Harklinikken. While in Copenhagen on business, Ning met with Harklinikken founder Lars Skjoth to have her hair loss assessed...

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Bloomberg Businessweek

Does a Danish Clinic Have a Cure for Hair Loss?

Men and women dealing with balding—40 percent of us by age 40—confront the mirror with a clinician’s eye, vow to cut back on vices (more exercise! less booze!), and appraise the hairlines of the follicularly blessed with envy. Hair loss is a reminder that the human body can’t stay young forever, even though we try. Prevention is a $3.5 billion business in the U.S......

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You've been loyal to your locks - treating them to weekly deep conditionings, minimal heat styling, trims every six weeks - all the things you've been taught are the best practices for maintaining a healthy mane. But somehow your hair still seems to want to break up with you. It's been falling out in clumps, it's become see-through and your attempted pretty updo looks more like a struggle pony......

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Total Beauty

Deep Cleaning Shampoo for Thinning Hair

As you might guess from the spelling, Harklinikken is a Danish brand that was developed by doctors working in a (surprisingly chic) hair restoration clinic in Copenhagen. While the star of the line is the "Extract" that's created for each patient after a consultation......

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Regaining Self-Love After Hair Loss

Although there are a number of products out there that promise hair regrowth...very few of them actually deliver results. Lars Skjoth, founder and head of research and development at Harklinikken, is changing lives everyday with their signature Extract Treatment......

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Endless Organic Cuisine in Copenhagen, DK

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Copenhagen, Denmark for the Harklinikken media tour... Usually when I am traveling I am always concerned with the food and how will I fit in a decent workout! To my pleasant surprise finding healthy food options was not nearly an issue in Copenhagen. Everything from the food served on the airplane to local cafes was healthy and organic......

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Yahoo Beauty

Thinning Hair? The Culprit Could Be Sugar

For every donut, cookie, or super-mega-sized soft drink sold there seems to be an equal or greater amount of strand-thickening and hair growth products on store shelves, and some doctors believe there is a surprising link between the two: sugar. “A rapid glucose spike in the blood causes an overreaction by several hormones......

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Hair loss, irritated scalp, shedding - A Danish clinic promises relief

Sabine Valkieser, 43, was always proud of her blonde hair. But about three years ago, she suddenly found more and more of it in her brush and the sink. She sought out the possible reasons for the hair loss — she went to the doctor, to a dermatologist, even the gynecologist. They knew the reason, but provided no help: the hair loss......

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A healthy scalp & beautiful hair

Is any hair loss treatable? "In women, hair loss is usually caused by hormonal thyroid, menopause, pregnancy pills — even stress or trauma alter the hair," said Britta Richter, Managing Director of Harklinikken in Dusseldorf. "Circular hair loss (alopecia androgenitische) plays a minimal role in women. And if so,it progresses about......

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Lars Skjøth, The hair whisperer

During my first consultation with Lars Skjoth, Founder and Owner of Harklinikken, I attempted open-mindedness but remained convinced that the no-hair “before” photos and the lots-of-hair “after photos were just too good to be true. Lars examined my impoverished hair and declared me apt for treatment – and predicted a result of 50-60 percent more hair......

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Lars Skjøth on top hair-loss reasons and treatments

The founder of the Danish Hårklinikken group of clinics, reveals the top culprits behind hair loss in the region. How did you choose this field? I became interested in hair at an early age because I felt, as a young man, that my hair was not as good as I wanted it to be. I was looking at......

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A&E visits Harklinikken and speaks with its founder, Lars Skjøth

What are the most common reasons for hair loss in the U.A.E.? The most common reason for men’s hair loss is the androgenetic hair loss pattern. It is called a pattern because this type of hair loss develops in patterns from the interaction......

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Eligible Magazine

Your Lifestyle Could Be The Cause of Thinning Hair

Board Certified Dermatologist and Medical Director of Harklinikken Dr. Panos Vasiloudes is helping patients every day rediscover the hair growth they thought they had once lost. Most people are not able to see actual hair loss until it’s too late......

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Danish Brand Harklinikken Offers Organic Alternative for Treating Hair Loss

Utilizing Harklinikken's state-of-the-art technique called follysis, consultants are able to zoom in on the scalp and observe the thickness, length and density of the hair root and shaft.The hair growth treatment, called Extract, is made with plant-based ingredients and fatty acids and is free of any chemical enhancers......

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Tips for beautiful hair and a healthy scalp

Britta is the Managing Director of the Harklinikken therapy centers in Germany, which specialize in hair and scalp problems. We asked her what beautiful hair needs and how it should be maintained. Shape online: How and with what should I wash my hair? Britta Richter: It is best to use a shampoo that does not add......

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Secrets to getting healthy, shiny hair

A mane of lustrous hair is so important to our look. Sometimes, though, it’s not that easy. That is why we have asked hair therapist and nutritionist Britta Richter to explain what you should be aware of in caring for your hair and creating a radiant appearance. She is the Managing Director of the Harklinikken therapy centers in Germany, which specialize in hair......

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Natural Ways to Revive Your Health and Beauty This Fall

With frequent trips to the beach, wet ponytails and trying to achieve the perfect beach waves, your hair probably needs a little TLC. Selecting products made with all natural ingredients will increase the absorption rate which will benefit the hair follicle and hair shaft vs causing further damage......

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