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    How consultations work

    How consultations work

    No two scalps or heads of hair are the same. Therefore, we always recommend our clients, that we meet in person to determine what’s best for you. And how we can best fulfill your hair dreams and goals. This is how it works ...

    1. Book your online consultation

    Choose a date and time that suits you best. An initial online consultation usually takes about 60 minutes and is free for Harklinikken members. If you’re not a member yet, then a payment of $50 will be due at the time of your consultation.

    2. Receive confirmation and instructions

    Your booking will be confirmed via an email with your consultation date and time, as well as a Zoom meeting link. You’ll also receive instructions on how to prepare for your consultation.

    3. Connect via Zoom

    At the time of your consultation, just click the Zoom meeting link and your expert Hair Specialist will be ready to meet you. Please be prepared to take photos with your phone during your consultation. These will help us track your progress along your hair journey.

    4. Enjoy your personal consultation

    Your Hair Specialist will discuss your Hair Assessment results and the hair goals you’d like to achieve. They’ll recommend a tailored treatment regimen with our Hair Gain Extract and supporting products to suit your specific hair and scalp needs. You’ll receive application advice and be able to ask any questions you may have.

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