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    You are now booked to speak with Lars Skjoth, the founder and chief scientist of Harklilnikken. The booking details will be sent to the email you provided.

    We look forward to meeting you and discussing your hair loss questions. We will determine if you are a qualified candidate for the Harklinikken Hair Regrowth Program during our 1:1 consultation.

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    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

    Harklinikken New York Clinic
    139 5th Ave, 3rd Floor,
    New York, NY 10010.
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    To ensure we maximize our ability to help you please:

    • Check your email and click the link to add your consultation to your calendar
    • Write down any questions you may have so we can discuss them during our consultation

    For any reason, if you need to cancel or reschedule, please use the link provided in the confirmation email you just received.

    If you are a qualified candidate and would like to get started, you’ll commit to daily application to ensure and maintain good results. Cost of treatment ranges from $90.00 to $130.00 monthly. Compliant qualified candidates experience a 30-60 percent increase in hair mass.

    “Our promise: we will only treat clients we believe we can help.”

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