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    A life of self-expression

    Lina Rafn is out-spoken, expressive and one of Denmark’s most famous singer-songwriters and producers. She founded the group “Infernal” back in 1997 with Paw Lagermann and Søren Haah. They won a Danish Grammy the following year and hit international fame with the single “from Paris to Berlin” a few years later. She’s been a winning judge on X-factor, and is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry of her native Denmark over the last two decades. She’s a woman who is not afraid to express herself and inspire others through her music, performances and artistic styling.

    "I feel like I've been given a second chance with my hair and I don't expect a third. That's why I take really good care of my hair and my scalp".

    Lina Rafn’s hair restoration journey

    Lina’s short hair was her rebellious ‘signature look’ back when she started her singing career. Over the years, she’s bleached her hair white, gone grey, gone black  … and then blonde again! She has always loved trying out new looks and styles. Along the way, however, she has continuously been troubled by her hair and scalp. Her scalp often itched so badly that she’d scratch “until there was blood under my fingernails”. After trying various shampoos and lotions, she thought she’d run out of options, so tried to make peace with her condition.

    Hair Extensions

    Lina has also had extensions put in at two points in her career, with the last round in 2018 actually destroying the roots of her hair. Excessive, heavy hair hanging off too little of her own pulled strands right out of her head — “I didn’t realize the damage I was doing to the roots of my hair and my scalp until the extensions were taken out. And, I only realized how weak my hair had become about a year later”. 

    Her hair was also thinning, especially at the back, and would break after growing only five or ten centimeters. The color looked flat and dead, or as she puts it: “It was as if my hair was resigning, saying ‘I’ve served you well despite you treating me badly and taking me for granted. Now I’m exhausted and I’m throwing in the towel’".

    You can wash your hair every day 

    In 2020, Lina heard about Harklinikken from friends in the Fashion Industry and had her first consultation with an expert Hair Specialist in July of that year. She started her treatment regimen immediately with her customized Hair Gain Extract and supporting products. She had to get used to washing her hair every morning as she’d been told repeatedly that you shouldn’t wash your hair more than once or twice a week. She soon felt the benefits, however, and now loves her daily cleansing routine as it gives her a clean, fresh feeling and a healthy head of hair that’s much easier to style and looks “delicious!”. She washes her scalp every morning with the gentle Balancing Shampoo, then applies the Daily Conditioner and towel dries her hair before adding two pumps of the Leave-in Hair Hydrating Crème.

    Harklinkken's Hair Gain Extract

    The Hair Gain Extract is her favorite product. “The difference it has made to the way my hair looks and feels – not to mention my scalp! – is beyond words”. For styling, she’s very fond of Harklinikken’s Salvia & Rosemary Styling Wax — “It keeps my look sleek when I do a ponytail or a bun without it feeling or looking greasy or clumpy”.

    Growing back with a vengeance!

    The incredible improvements in Lina’s hair and scalp are now clear to see and were noticeable within the first few months. Her hairstylists started commenting positively about her hair’s new vibrancy, volume and growth after about 6 to 8 months … some even asked if she’d had a baby in secret because the growth of new, tiny hairs was so intense it looked like it could only be due to pregnancy hormones! Friends and family started noticing the changes after about a year, and sometimes even fans or followers mentioned how full and thick her hair looked.

    Effortlessly great hair every day

    When Lina’s not on stage and living her everyday life creating music in the studio and coming home to her family, she can enjoy her easy regimen and healthy, natural hair with ease. She says “My hair just feels effortlessly great in itself. I comb it through after showering, let it air dry and it just falls nicely, looks shiny and feels soft. Even the ends are no longer split or rough.”

    My spirit feels lighter

    For Lina, however, the biggest change was more personal. “The fact that my scalp didn’t itch anymore, didn’t take focus, and no longer bothered me … that was huge for me! My hair was no longer a concern or struggle. It stopped being the weakest link in my look and that has been such a relief. I’ve learned that you don’t need a million products and hours of styling to create the looks you want. This has lightened my spirit for sure.”

    Balancing styling with care

    Lina has learned that she needs to take care of her hair and scalp in order to achieve the looks she wants on stage. If she puts in the effort and time, she gets the ultimate results. She has also realized how important her hair is to her look – “I can change my clothes, my makeup, my glasses … but, my hair is different. When I choose a new color or a dramatic cut, I’m stuck with it for a long time.” Now, she prefers to make larger statements with her outfits, makeup and other elements she can switch up from day to day, rather than her hair — she tries to keep it as healthy and natural as possible. “I can style it in all kinds of ways, but I treat it gently and with respect. I feel like I got a second chance with my hair, and I’m not counting on a third. I am taking good care of my hair and scalp now.” And, once the long-term damage of her extensions was explained to her by her Hair Specialist, she decided “Never again!”

    Commitment is key

    Lina carefully chooses treatments and puts a lot of care into not only her hair and scalp, but also her skin and body. She knows that commitment and persistence are key and acknowledges that this self-care requires some self-discipline and asking for what you need, but insists it’s worth it. She advises that you: “Always clean your skin and apply your Hair Gain Extract before bed … and always use products that are natural and good for you. I’ve realized that beauty has never actually been just about appearance to me. Beauty is a feeling. The better I feel, the better I look. And, when I wear and use what’s good for me, I look and feel amazing!”

    Self-expression never ends

    Lina has also always been committed to fearless, honest and uncompromising communication. She’s not afraid of being too much, rather she says: “I’m afraid of being too little!” Through her life experience and spirit of sharing, she wants others to benefit and recognize their own potential. And, she still has a lot more she wants to express through her music, looks and life. “I’m always curiously searching for what’s next. I feel inspired and drawn towards new ideas, sounds, vibes, looks. I doubt it will ever end. I love that I can always express my mood, my power and my energy with my hair — both in how I style and move it.
    'Hairography’ is an actual thing, and I feel gorgeous when I work it!”

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