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    Welcome to Harklinikken Beverly Hills

    Your new west coast destination for vibrant, healthy hair. 

    Our stylish L.A. flagship clinic offers a bespoke approach to hair and scalp care and a respite from the outside world. Set in the heart of Beverly Hills and spanning over 3,000 square feet, the space houses the entire Harklinikken collection of shampoos, hydrators and styling products as well as our exclusive, custom blended Extract for hair gain.

    A calm escape from the outside world

    Our L.A. flagship clinic is inspired by our Scandinavian heritage and appreciation of natural beauty. The space includes beautiful, tactile materials and a carefully curated color palette that exudes a feeling of timelessness and tranquility. It is a stylish and safe haven where you can start your journey towards thicker, fuller hair and true self-love.

    Book your personal consultation

    Every person’s hair is unique, which is why we customize treatments for every one of our clients. Our expert Hair Specialists in L.A. are ready to consult with you in our private consultation rooms. Here, they’ll determine if you’ll benefit from our customized Extract. If so, then your personal formulation will be hand-blended for you.

    Our customized Extract is unique

    Our Extract forms the cornerstone of all hair and scalp treatment regimes. Each drop is gentle, nourishing and color and fragrance-free. In our L.A. Clinic, beautiful, hand-blown glass bottles display the Extract’s wonderful, natural ingredients. Each client’s customized formulation is blended by hand and adjusted by our expert Hair Specialists as you continue your journey towards optimal hair health with us.

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