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    We do believe we can help you with your specific hair and scalp issues – here’s why

    We only accept people as clients for our unique treatment regimen when we truly believe we can help them achieve the hair and scalp improvements they desire.And, based on your answers to the Hair Assessment, we believe you are a suitable candidate. We’ve helped over 100 000 clients already reach their hair’s full potential, and we’d love to help you as well. Our expert Hair Specialists are more than happy to discuss your specific doubts and answer any questions you may have aboutHarklinikken, ourcustomizedExtract, or ourtreatment options and natural product collection.

    See the results you too can experience

    We have many success stories from our clients around the world with impressive before and now photos showing progress towards fuller, thicker, healthier hair. See more of what you can look forward to.

    Your recommended Membership Set is waiting for you

    We have put together a Membership Set offer for you with a product selection based on your answers to the Hair Assessment. It includes your first two Extract formulations, selected products, a free initial consultation with an expert Hair Specialist in a clinic or online, plus follow-up consultations every three months. So, you have everything you need to begin and continue your hair journey. Being a Harklinikken Member means you will receive your recommended Membership Set of products every second month, with incredible savings of up to 55%. 

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