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    There are many benefits to having a Harklinikken Membership, such as:

    Savings of up to 55 % with your Membership

    Being a Harklinikken Member means you will receive your recommended Membership Set of products every second month, with incredible savings of up to 55%. Your Membership Set includes your first two Extract formulations, as well as selected products, so you have everything you need to begin and continue along your hair journey.

    An initial consultation with an expert Hair Specialist + follow-up consultations every three months

    Your initial consultation and all follow-up consultations every three months are included with your Membership, forever. Consultations with your expert Hair Specialist, at a clinic or online, help measure your progress, observe improvements to your hair and scalp, and provide you with the advice and support you need to reach your hair goals. Regular follow-up consultations also ensure that your Extract formulation and product suggestions are always optimized to meet your specific needs over time. 

    You can pause or cancel your Membership at any time
    Even though we strongly recommend continued, daily use of the Extract and your treatment regimen to achieve optimal results, we understand that circumstances might change. This is why you’re free to pause or cancel your Membership at any time.   

    Enjoy flexible delivery
    You may use more or less of our products at different stages of your hair journey, which is why we’ve made it easy to change the delivery frequency of your Membership Set of products at any time.

    Shipping is free!
    As a Harklinikken Member, you can enjoy free product shipment.

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