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    We’re so happy that you’re feeling confident that changes will happen

    We’re also sure you’ll soon see improvements. What’s good to know is that every person’s head of hair is different and that the pace of changecan vary, even if you use your Extract exactly as you’re meant to. Please be patient and carry on. 

    Here are the first changes to look out for

    These are noticed by most of our clients:   

    • The hair closest to your scalp feels stronger, thicker and fuller than before.  

    • Your hair may feel as if it has a little more volume.   

    In rare cases, extra shedding can be experienced at this stage. This is actually a sign of improvement in your hair follicles as stronger, healthier hair strands replace weaker ones. It is no cause for concern.   

    Be inspired by other client’s wonderful results

    We have so many success stories from our clients around the world with impressive before and now photos — these help us to document their journey towards fuller, thicker, healthier hair. See more of what you can look forward to.

    Are you in the right place?

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    It's more than hair. It's you