Extract Kit - 2 Customized Extracts (available after consultation)

Uniquely Customized

Extract Kit - 2 Customized Extracts (available after consultation)

Extract Kit - Female

$ 176.00

Note: Can only be ordered after a 10-minute complimentary consultation. Counteracting hair thinning with powerful natural and botanical-based constituents. Apply daily and see how your hair improves over time.

Each Extract is customized to the individual. Schedule your consultation and begin your hair journey today! Please note that any order without prior consultation will be automatically refunded.

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No Surgery.Non-Systemic.Purely Topical.

Scalp First. Heal from the roots.

Naturally, hair growth takes place within the follicles. A healthy scalp leads to beautiful hair. Therefore, our approach has always been scalp first. To achieve the ideal scalp conditions for hair growth, our Extract is used in concert with our product line to protect your scalp from outside chemicals and irritants that diminish hair quality and growth, and add quality and strength to your existing hair.
Our entire range of products is based on naturally derived, pure, and safe ingredients. With a clean approach, we achieve unparalleled efficacy by creating optimal conditions for hair growth without the use of any problematic ingredients.
Nourish your hair from root to strand while feeling good about pampering yourself.

Exploring your hair's true potential

Each Extract is carefully hand blended and customized to the individual. The customization is based on various factors such as your unique scalp-condition, your level of hair thinning, lifestyle factors, and even genetics are taken into consideration.

This is why we need to see you at a consultation before we can start you on our Extract program, as we have to carefully assess your hair and scalp first. Thus, the consultation is our way to determine whether you will benefit from the Extract. If we deem you a good candidate for the Extract, we will hand-blend an Extract that is unique to your hair and scalp. We only accept people into our Extract program who we truly believe we can help.

    Easy application

    Shake the Extract bottle well before inserting the tip of the syringe into the pre-made hole at the top. Flip the bottle over and withdraw the recommended amount given to you by your Hair Specialist. Using a comb or the tip of the syringe, part the hair from hairline to crown. Once parted, drag the syringe along the line, gently pressing down on the syringe plunger until you feel the Extract dispensing onto the scalp. Follow with your fingertips, gently pressing the Extract into the scalp. Repeat that step in rows about 1/4-1/2 inch apart, until you have covered a baseball cap area on the scalp with Extract. Massage gently, but firmly for 30-45 seconds. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes and repeat!

    “We believe in the immaculate uniqueness and diversity of human beings. Not two heads of hair are the same. Therefore, each Extract is carefully tailored and unique to you.”
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    Your Extract journey starts with a holistic consultation

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      1. Consultation & Formulation

      We evaluate your hair and scalp to determine whether you are a candidate for our Extract. Then we document your current state by photographing your hair and scalp. Finally, we hand-blend an Extract that is unique to you.

    • 02

      2. You apply daily

      Your Extract must be applied to your scalp two times per day, with a half-hour between each application. It simply becomes a part of your daily self-care routine, and it really only takes 2 minutes.

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      3. Progress & reformulation

      We will continuously evaluate your progress and document your growth while adjusting your Extract based on how your hair and scalp respond.


    Made with only the highest quality ingredients.

    We care deeply for our clients’ well-being, and we are dedicated to providing guidance, education, and loving care throughout their journey of growth. With a Scandinavian heritage and strong appreciation for nature, we are dedicated to providing efficacious products, derived from nature’s raw materials, and blended to nourish hair health from the inside-out.

    “We now have a safe solution, neither tedious nor too time-consuming, to not only slow down the process of losing hair, but to help grow it.”

    Vanity Fair, 2018

    “The before-and-after images are so extreme, they seem too good to be true.”

    Vogue, 2018

    “The results are certainly compelling”

    The New York Times, 2017

    “If my journey and results are any indication, there are solutions that work in helping you achieve the hair of your beauty dreams.”

    BYRDIE, 2020

    “More than just a clinic in the traditional sense, Harklinikken's spa-like NYC flagship features an in-house lab where the brand's hair-loss specialists hand-mix personalized formulas for patients and an on-site image analysis system to track hair regrowth as precisely as possible.”

    Allure, 2019

    “They’ve been called “the real deal” by clients, particularly women who saw new growth around widening parts and at the temples.”

    New York Magazine, 2018

    “I’ve been using it for a year now, and I’m happy to report that not only has my hair returned, but it’s also thicker and longer than it’s ever been.”

    Huda Beauty, 2018

    100,000+ Clients Around The Globe

    Founded in science, rooted in compassion, and driven by a desire for making people feel beautiful within, Harklinikken has evolved into an empowering community of more than 100,000 people around the world. Explore how we have helped real people around the world with their hair while you admire their strength to be vulnerable.

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