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    Styling Gel

    Add nutrients to your hair

    Styling Gel is a gentle, lightweight formula that delivers added volume, shine and definition without the problematic ingredients detrimental to the health of your hair and scalp.

    Not only is Styling Gel an effective styling product, but it also protects and conditions your hair with powerful ingredients derived from bamboo, quinoa, honeysuckle and passion fruit.

    It can be used on wet or dry hair and is suitable for all hair types.

    Online Hair Assessment

    Exploring your hair's true potential

    The Extract is carefully hand-blended to individual requirements, including scalp condition and hair thinning patterns. Even lifestyle factors and genetics are taken into consideration. This is why we ask you to take our online Hair Assessment to evaluate your hair and scalp before creating an Extract that is unique to you.

    We accept only those we believe can achieve the hair improvement they are looking for onto our regime, which is why our online Hair Assessment is a great place to start. It is available 24/7 and will give you an immediate answer as to whether or not you are a suitable candidate for hair improvement. 

    Frequently asked questions about Styling Gel

    Does Styling Gel leave hair crunchy?

    No. Styling Gel leaves hair soft –when applied and left to dry naturally or blow dried.

    What kind of finish does Styling Gel give?

    Styling Gel provides hair with a light hold and leaves hair beautifully shiny.

    How much Styling Gel should I apply?

    The amount used depends on personal preference. That’s why we recommend starting with a small amount and building up as you see fit to create the look you want.

    Can I use Styling Gel with other products?

    Absolutely. We even encourage it. To boost shine and hold,  combine Styling Gel with Styling Wax and apply to damp hair before blow drying. Finish with Styling Spray for added texture and lasting hold.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 66 reviews
    Great styling product

    I really like this gel. I apply it when my hair is damp and I have also used it when my hair is dry to tame dry ends or fly aways. It gives my hair body, fullness and shine.

    Linda F.
    Virkelig god styling gel

    Giver hold og volumen uden at klæbe og afhjælper at håret kruser.
    Får mine bedste anbefalinger.

    Vibeke H.
    Styling gel

    Det er fedter og tynger ikke håret, men det skaber ikke rigtig volumen

    Sigþrúður S.
    frábærar vörur

    Mjög ánægð, sé mikin árángur á tæpum 2 mán, :)

    Eman A.
    Amazing clean ingredients gel with reasonable hold

    This get is amazing I love using it to style my curly hair. The hold is not strong which I find it okay to use daily. It has no build up I feel my hair light and smooth. The only downfall to this product (though 4 starts) is the pump head. It’s too small and the amount comes out with each pump is very little. For my short hair I need to press not less than 20 times to get an adequate amount of get.

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