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    The Essential Kit
    $ 148.00
    $ 126.00

    The Essential Kit

    44 reviews
    $ 148.00
    $ 126.00

    The better you care for your hair follicles, the stronger and healthier hairs they will produce. When cleansing and hydrating with the right products, shampooing optimizes the scalp’s natural environment to promote healthy hair growth. The Essentials Kit helps create the best conditions for a healthy scalp and hair. 

    You have a choice of two daily shampoos in this kit. Our award-winning Balancing Shampoo is the mainstay of a healthy scalp. Its mild formulation gently balances the pH level to leave your hair clean and nourished. Our natural Stabilizing Scalp Shampoo will gently cleanse your scalp and hair follicles and is ideal for stabilizing sebum production.


    All hair types.


    Made from high-quality ingredients
    We care deeply for the well-being of our clients and are dedicated to providing specialist care throughout your hair growth journey with us. Our Scandinavian heritage and great appreciation of nature mean that we are committed to creating effective, safe and high-quality products derived from nature’s raw materials and combined to nourish the hair from the inside out.

    Perfume Free

    Paraben Free

    Petrochemical Free

    Silicone Free

    The Essential Kit includes:

    Balancing Shampoo, 290 ml  

    or Stabilizing Scalp Shampoo, 290ml 

    Daily Conditioner, 290 ml  

    Hair Hydrating Crème, 290 ml  

    The essential kit

    How should I use the products?

    Massage your chosen shampoo into the scalp thoroughly before rinsing. Apply Daily Conditioner to the lengths, leaving it to work for a few minutes or while you shower before rinsing. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to carefully detangle your hair while the conditioner works.

    Out of the shower, apply Leave-In Hair Hydrating Crème to damp or dry hair. Apply as often as required to improve elasticity and shine and reduce breakage. The multi-purpose product can be used as a heat protectant, detangler or finishing crème. 

    Online Hair Assessment

    Exploring your hair's true potential

    The Extract is carefully hand-blended to individual requirements, including scalp condition and hair thinning patterns. Even lifestyle factors and genetics are taken into consideration. This is why we ask you to take our online Hair Assessment to evaluate your hair and scalp before creating an Extract that is unique to you.

    We accept only those we believe can achieve the hair improvement they are looking for onto our regime, which is why our online Hair Assessment is a great place to start. It is available 24/7 and will give you an immediate answer as to whether or not you are a suitable candidate for hair improvement. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 44 reviews
    The w.

    I can’t comb through my hair after washing. Incredibly tangled

    Mary H.
    softer grey hair

    My hair is more manageable, softer (less coarse) and has more high lights. It's too soon to identify if I have more and thicker hair.

    Susan F.
    Just ok

    It dried my hair out

    Ramon C.
    It has been 8 days

    I think this product could be very good
    Too early to tell

    Ruth L.


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