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100,000 clients around the globe have regrown their hair with the Danish-born Harklinikken program. Now available in the US, Harklinikken’s breakthrough treatment uses a proprietary Extract based on ingredients derived from plants and cow’s milk. The Extract is customized to the needs of each client enabling us to achieve unparalleled results. Compliant qualified candidates experience a 30-60 percent increase in hair mass.

The treatment consists of nightly application of the Harklinikken’s liquid Extract on the areas of your scalp that are thinning, followed by daily shampoo and use of specialized shampoo and conditioner. Should you be a candidate you’ll commit to daily application to ensure and maintain good results. Cost of treatment ranges from $90.00 to $130.00 monthly.

“Our promise: we will only treat clients we believe we can help.”

Your visible results are the most important indicator of success. Our Follysis technology brings the ability to scientifically quantify results. Follysis is a proprietary advanced imaging system that measures hair regrowth. Follysis quantifies the number of follicular units – how many hair follicles are active, hair density and quality.

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Why choose Harklinikken?

Why choose Harklinikken?

Customized treatment

Harklinikken’s treatment is customized for each client and achieves unparalleled results.

Scientifically proven results

100K clients on three continents have gotten their hair back – call 813-414-0100 to see if you are a candidate.

Treatment = partnership

Between Harklinikken and our clients. Client’s compliancy, daily application of product is essential to results.

Our promise

Harklinikken’s reputation is built upon integrity, we only treat clients we believe we can help.

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100,000 clients on 3 continents have gotten their hair back.

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