Fortifying Shampoo


$ 44.00

FORTIFYING SHAMPOO helps restore the pH balance of the scalp and improve hair texture.  It is based on organic aloe vera and flax protein, which help protect and hydrate the hair.  It also contains hydrolyzed quinoa, which assists in repairing the hair, allowing it to better retain moisture and diminishes the signs of damage.  It is especially suited for those with dry or damaged hair.

What our customers say..

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Gloria Cohan

I’ve been using Harklinikken products for 8 months and can’t say enough good things about them. The results have been amazing. My hair has never looked better. If you have thinning hair, this is definitely a treatment you should try.

Thank you!

Andrea Sobel

I can’t believe this is working! I started about 5 months ago, and my long-time hairdresser started noticing new growth after 2-3 months (I didn’t tell him to see if he noticed.) He did!

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Carol Staples

After searching for help for my hair loss for ten years and trying everything on the market, I had almost given up. Finally, I found Harklinikken and I got my hair back! I am so thankful for a product that finally works and keeps its promises.