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“Clients receive their own extracts that are made from proprietary ingredients derived from milk as well as botanicals. Results can be seen in as little as three months– Harklinikken’s new virtual clinic allows potential clients to privately send photos, undergo remote examinations and discuss concerns before having customized extracts shipped to their homes.”

“Among the top hair breakthroughs changing the beauty game in 2016”

“My personal sign the (Harklinikken) treatment is a success? I’m no longer self-conscious that my scalp is showing. If people glance my way, I’m confident that they’re noticing my hairstyle or my face.”

“A treatment based on algorithms and tonics– the before-and-after pictures are persuasive. Imagine someone who looks like Bruce Willis suddenly channeling Owen Wilson”

Handcrafted in Denmark

Why choose Harklinikken?

Hundreds of products claim to reverse hair loss, but few succeed. Harklinikken is continually successful and committed to educating clients about the effective treatment of hair loss. How does Harklinkken produce successful results in more than 95% of our qualified clients?

Customized treatment

Harklinikken’s treatment is customized for each client to meet their specific needs. By tailoring and hand-mixing each client’s Extract, we achieve unparalleled results.

Documented results

We quantify our results, tracking the precise amount of hair-regrowth client’s experience with our proprietary micro-photo-technology “Follysis.”

100,000 clients

100,000 men and women around the globe have gotten their hair back with Harklinikken. Take our free assessment to find out if you’re a candidate!

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