The origins of Harklinikken

Lars Skjoth, Harklinikken founder and head of research and development, made a discovery in 1994 that makes it possible today for us to effectively treat hereditary hair loss in both women and men in a way that is customized to each client’s needs. Medical Director Dr. Panos Vasiloudes joined Lars Skjoth in bringing Harklinikken to the American market because he saw a need for a more effective hair loss treatment for his patients. Dr. Vasiloudes is triple board certified, is licensed to practice medicine in four research paper writer countries, and operates 11 dermatology clinics worldwide.

Harklinikken will grow beyond the clinic to help people in far-flung cities, but will remain true to its Danish roots. Lars Skjoth will continue to innovate and create new products to address Harklinikken clients’ hair and beauty concerns.

Our leadership

Lars Skjoth

Harklinikken Founder & Head Scientist

Lars Skjoth has worked to perfect his discovery of an effective treatment for thinning hair for more than two decades with clients on three continents. After many years of research and seeing thousands of clients experiencing thinning hair, he uncovered the precise combination of elements including some found in nature, that produce Harklinikken’s unparalleled results. Harklinikken is the only treatment for thinning hair that is customized for each client – a critical factor in the program’s success. A scientist of human nutrition and biochemistry, his invention of Harklinikken’s proprietary Extract has revolutionized the treatment of hair loss.

A message from Lars

Dr. Panos Vasiloudes

Medical Director at Harklinikken

Medical Director Panos Vasiloudes, M.D., Ph.D., joined Lars Skjoth in bringing Harklinikken to the American market because he saw a need for a more effective hair loss treatment for his patients. Dr. Vasiloudes is triple board certified, is licensed to practice medicine in four countries, and operates 13 dermatology clinics worldwide. He is joined by a staff that supports clients one on one.

A message from Panos

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