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Bridal bliss: Sofie’s hair regrowth story

Bridal bliss: Sofie’s hair regrowth story

(Actual image from a follow-up consultation with Sofie)

Every client that comes to Harklinikken has a unique story and sharing their story becomes an important part of their hair regrowth journey.

Sofie, like so many of our clients, came to us during an important time in her life. Just months away from getting married, Sofie realized how thin her hair had become. Concerned with the changes she was seeing, she sought answers for her hair loss and found a solution at Harklinikken.


Sofie's story

"I started noticing that my hair was falling out, I could see it all over the floor at home. In April I could see I had to do something because it was just getting worse and I'm getting married in September so I don't want to be bald.

So first I contacted my regular doctor, she couldn't really help me and the blood samples didn't say anything. Then I had some recommendations for Harklinikken from several places. I made contact and was able to start treatment right away - after, of course, having a long conversation about my symptoms and everything.

In the middle of May I started treatment, three and half months ago. It has been very successful. I feel very happy about my hair and what has happened the last three months, it has just been fantastic."

Sofie has continued to use the treatment since her interview, seeing even more success. She celebrated her wedding day in September and recently shared one of her wedding photos with us, showing how beautifully her hair has grown back and how her confidence was restored for that special day.

If you are experiencing hair loss and would like to learn more about possible causes and treatments, download our ebook.

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